A hella rad, retro-inspired, original cone NFT collection that will help support kids and teens who struggle with mental health issues.

CryptoCones take you back to the future! Icons aren’t born, they’re created, and it doesn’t get any more iconic than CryptoCones. This collection of nostalgic, pop-culture inspired cones is randomly generated, totally awesome, and 100% original. With over 175 traits varying in rarity and featuring (125 hand-drawn attributes) the possible combinations are endless!

Each CryptoCone is your unique key that will unlock access to a whole future of #retrosphere projects while also providing support to groups focused on the mental health of kids and teens.

Level Up!

Price Per1 SOL
  • Minting Price: 1 SOL per CryptoCone (.75 SOL for Pre-sale/Whitelist for a maximum of 7)

    If you want to know what the price of SOL will be within the next 10 years, check the link below and join their live chat room it can give you a really good idea of the crypto market prediction:
    Solana Coin Price Predictions for 2023 – 2033 ,Learn more

  • Minting Distribution: All CryptoCones will be fairly and equally distributed/revealed one day on or after public sale. Nobody has an advantage over the next and that includes the creators of this project.

  • Rarity: More than 175+ traits make up a total of 5,505 CryptoCones. No two cones are alike, but they could all chill out together

  • Tokenomics: 5,500 randomized Cones in circulation with 5 super rare 1/1’s to make a total of 5505. Each of the three team members will receive 20 mint tokens (3x20 = 60) to burn for a randomized Cone. We will also randomly mint 140 Cones to be placed in our community wallet to drop to Collab Winners and Giveaways.

  • Utility:Time-travelers who own 3 CryptoCones get special privileges to future #retrosphere planned drops and projects by RetrosphereLabs. CryptoCones are the first step as we expand our own slice of the Metaverse.

Trait Breakdown | Read about the traits here

60Iconic Outfits+ 1 super rare gold chain (on Oldskool track jackets only)
5Hoodies+ 20 hoodie-only pixel art icons
35Tops (hats / hair)+ 4 rare headphones
15Cone Colors 




Listen to Dom talking about NFTs, Branding, CryptoCones and other projects on The Block Explorer Podcast

Road Trip!

Chapter 1: Let There Be Cones: 5,505 algorithmically generated CryptoCones using more than 125+ hand drawn traits paying homage to some of the most iconic and nostalgic trends in the retrosphere. HODLing these cones earn whitelisting and VIP status as we move through the #Retrosphere.

Take a look at RetroSphereLabs for more info on our future plans

  • Public Launch Date: Reveal the super rare 1/1’s of the collection

  • 25% minted: Coneholders placed on whitelist for Cones Phase 2

  • 50% minted: CryptoConesNFT sweepstakes to win SOL and 5 CryptoConesNFTs from Phase 2. A portion of the proceeds (25 SOL) will be directed to programs that help kids and teens suffering from mental health issues including Mentis + Teens Connect (A local organization in Napa, Ca.)

  • 75% minted: whitelisting for CryptoCones Phase 2 and RetrosphereLabs 3rd project. Additional proceeds (25 SOL) directed to mental health programs for Teens and Kids as above.

  • 100% minted: All of the above + DAO created for members and used to sweep the floor of Phase 1 CryptoConesNFT + Additional proceeds (25 SOL) directed to mental health programs for Teens and Kids as above. + Special VIP Merch Pack for the first 500 Coneholders who respond when announced*.

Chapter 2: Return of the Cones: Phase 2 will see an additional drop of 5,500 algorithmically generated CryptoCones with a whole new vintage-inspired wardrobe and accessories. More iconic eyewear, new outfits, new references and more fun. These cones will be sold at 1 SOL per and will have nearly the same OG status as Phase 1

VIP packs limited to the first 500 cone holders who respond to announcement within allotted response time. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Limited to domestic US shipping. Exceptions will be considered upon request.



The "Conecept"

The vision for CryptoCones comes from Creative Director, a branding and graphic design pro with more than 25 years of experience. The inaugural project of RetrosphereLabs is based on a character Dom created when he was just a GenX latchkey kid growing up in the North SF Bay Area. This little drawing helped him through some tough times....

"This is primarily about creating a fun set of NFT collectables that remind us of our youth. That makes people smile. That keep us grounded in that magical time when computers and arcade games were new, MTV launched, Star Wars happened, and it felt like the future was ours. So we wore it proudly on our tee shirts."


Read more about the project and concept

An all-Dad team of Conemakers

Rob: OG Cone Producer
Boy dad, Sneakerhead, passionate follower of all things Crypto, NFT and the Metaverse Web 3.0. Lives in sunny Colorado outside Denver. Growing up as a latchkey kid, retro pop culture, 80s music and 70s Japanese animation are his jam. As a methodical sales devotee, he understands long-term value and bringing projects to fruition.

Dom: Cone Creator
Girl dad, graphic artist and brand-builder for a lot longer than he would like to admit. During the day he creates brands, logos, packaging, websites and more for businesses and nonprofits of every size. He grew up in front of the big and small screens, and surrounded himself with HotWheels, hip-hop culture, and all things Star Wars. He designed and built his first website in 1993 (640x480!), and has always been happiest at the point where aesthetics and technology make each other better.

Alex: Cone Dev & Community
Midwest born, California living tech enthusiast and father (boy and girl). Self-proclaimed early adopter. Currently learning all about the Crypto/NFT space. Passionate about security and privacy. On his personal time, he is a gamer, researcher, and avid brewery patron.


What causes are you supporting?
CryptoCones will support youth-based organizations and programs that help kids and teens struggling with mental health issues including ADHD, Depression/Anxiety disorders, and more. Initially, these include "Mentis" and "Teens Connect" - 2 local organizations in Napa, Ca.

When is the Public Mint?
Public mint will be open on Feb 22, 2022 at 6PM PST directly on our website.

Is there a pre-sale whitelist??
Yes. Though the whitelist is now closed.

When will the Presale happen?
Members who correctly supply their SOL wallet addresses in our Whitelist form will be airdropped 7x mint tokens prior to the Presale mint date. Our Presale minting portal will be open on Feb 18, 2022 at 6PM PST. The Presale mint portal will stay open for 72 hours. Whitelist/Presale members will be able to burn their dropped mint tokens for up to a maximum of 7 CryptoCones. It will cost .75 SOL per burned mint-token during presale.

I'm new to this. How do I mint my Sol NFT?
Minting will be done via our official website and the purchased NFT will be directly sent to your Solana wallet. You can learn all about how to set up a Phantom Wallet here.

How does the minting process work?
When the countdown expires on the release date, the minting button will be enabled. By clicking the mint button on our website, you will have to pay for the minting process (mint price + a minimal Solana network fee). After connecting your wallet (Phantom, Solflare, Sollet etc.), you can start the minting process and pay for your CryptoCone. After the transaction is successfully completed, you will find your NFT in your wallet, rock on!

How much will a CryptoCone cost?
For public mint, each CryptoCone NFT will be priced at 1 SOL. For our presale/whitelist members, each NFT will be priced at 0.75 SOL with a max mint of 7.

How do I join the community?
CryptoCones make great profile pictures so you can easily spot fellow community members! Follow the official Twitter account and come and say hi in the community CryptoChatty..

Another PFP project?
Yes! We love PFPs projects, the clean minimalism style and charming, expressive characters are what inspired us to design CryptoCones.

We conceived each CryptoCones with the PFP format in mind - they fit well as an avatar by balancing minimalism, vibrancy, cleanliness and expression.

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